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Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 6 - Audio Editor (Download)

FAB # 11-30203

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  • 8 Audio Channels
  • Supports 5.1 and 7.1 Channel Surround
  • Non-Destructive Editing
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • Real Time Analyzers
  • Restoration Suite
  • Effects
  • Integrated CD Audio Burning
  • Up to 384 kHz
  • Windows

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$ 1,732

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Acoustica Premium Edition 6 from Acon Digital is a Windows based comprehensive eight-track audio editor for recording, editing, mixing and mastering applications with support for 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround. A consistent workflow simplifies audio production, and batch processing along with premium audio restoration tools in the form of the company's Restoration Suite, as well as Red Book compatible CD burning, simplifies the tasks at hand. 

The software supports up to 32-bit audio resolution and sampling rates up to 384 kHz. New in Acoustica 6 is the ability to edit multi-track audio, allowing for mixing audio from different tracks in real-time, adding audio effects to tracks, or easily creating cross-fades. Clips can be looped or time stretched directly from the multi-track timeline. Processing tools, effect chains and plug-in support, along with analysis tools complete the feature rich editor.

What's New in Version 6 
Multi-Track Editing
  • Create as many audio tracks as wanted
  • Apply effect chains to tracks or master track
  • Easily loop and stretch clips
  • Add transitions between clips by simply overlapping them in the time line with several transition curves available
  • Double click a clip to open and modify the content in an audio editor window
  • Mix-down to 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats

Phase Linear Equalizer
  • Phase linear six band parametric equalizer
  • Six different filter types
  • No frequency warping when close to the Nyquist frequency
  • Variable bandwidths and filter slopes (from -3 to -120 dB/octave)

Audio Restoration Tools
  • DeNoise reduces stationary noise, such as broadband noise, hiss, wind noise, buzz and camera noise
  • DeHum targets hum and buzz typically introduced by poorly grounded electrical equipment, but also other tonal noise sources like electrical motor noise
  • DeClick removes impulsive noise such as clicks and crackle
  • DeClip restores audio recordings distorted by analog or digital clipping

Other Improvements
  • Improved VST preset handling which is more consistent with how presets are managed for the internal processing tools
  • Automatic recovery of recordings if suffering from unexpected computer shut-downs
  • WAVE64 support for files bigger than 4 GB 
General Features 
  • Windows MME and ASIO driver models for audio recording and playback
  • Eight audio channels (including 7.1 and 5.1 surround) 
  • 384 kHz maximum sample rate
  • Up to 32-bit PCM or floating point bit resolutions
  • Timer and input level triggered recording
  • Software emulation of phono preamplifier
  • Customizable toolbars and menus
  • Unlimited number of undo and redo levels
  • Ultra fast non-destructive editing engine
  • Standard cut, copy, paste and mix editing
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Support for labels and region markers
  • Cleaning Wizard that simplifies LP or tape to CD transfers
  • Different time formats such as sample index, SMPTE and bars and beats
  • Regions can be saved as separate files
  • Tabbed MDI user interface
Multi-Track Editing 
  • Multi-track editor
  • Eight rendered audio channels (including 7.1 and 5.1 surround) 
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Tracks and master track effect chains
  • Loop or time stretch clips
  • Cross fade between clips
  • Non destructive clip editing
Real-Time Analyzers 
  • Level meter with peak, peak hold and RMS indicators
  • K-20, K-14, K12 and digital full scale level meter modes
  • Customizable level meter ballistic settings
  • FFT Analyzer
  • Phase correlation meter
  • Big time-display
Offline Analysis Tools 
  • Fourier spectrum with adjustable frequency and amplitude ranges and optional logarithmic frequency scale
  • Fourier spectrogram with adjustable frequency and amplitude ranges
  • Wavelet (based on the Morlet wavelet) with adjustable frequency and amplitude ranges
  • Statistics
  • Automatic track splitting
Integrated Plug-In Suites 
  • Restoration Suite for audio restoration
Tools and Plug-Ins 
  • Effect chain editor
  • VST Plug-in support
  • DirectX Plug-in support
  • Real-time preview of the effects
  • Preset manager that allows you to store user presets for all effect
  • Freehand volume curves
  • Fade ins and outs with four different curves
  • High quality sample format conversion
  • Dithering and noise shaping
  • Channel mixer for stereo image adjustments
  • Batch processing (files and complete folder structures)
  • Add sampler loops
  • Loop fader (cross-faded loops)
  • Test signal generator
  • Multi-band compressor (4 bands)
Audio Restoration 
  • Click and crackle filters (Restoration Suite)
  • Noise reduction (Restoration Suite)
  • Adaptive denoising
  • Hum and buzz reduction (Restoration Suite)
  • Six band full parametric equalizer with graphical display of the frequency response
  • Phase linear equalizer
  • Six EQ filter types
  • Resynthesis of lost high frequency components (extended version)
  • Automatically remove DC offsets
  • Stereo enhancer
  • Declipper (Restoration Suite)
  • Visual monitoring of declipping process
  • Reverb
  • Convolution reverb
  • Echo and delay (enhanced)
  • Multi-tap delay width feedback filtering and optional 
  • Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Chorus
  • Guitar distortion
  • Dynamic processing with arbitrary mapping of the signal level
  • Adjustable soft-knee for each point in the level mapping curve of the dynamic processor
  • Limiter (enhanced)
  • Transpose (pitch change)
  • Time Stretching
  • Harmonizer with up to four voices
File Formats 
  • Supported Audio Formats:
    • WAV
    • WAV64 
    • AIFF (only loading)
    • MP4 (AAC - Windows 7 or higher required) 
    • MP3
    • OGG 
    • FLAC 
    • WMA 
    • AU
  • Supported Video Formats For Audio Import:
    • MPEG, 
    • WMV, 
    • AVI or any other supported by DirectShow 
  • Tag Information Formats (Title, Artist, etc.):
    • ID3Tag, 
    • RIFF, 
    • Vorbis (OGG and FLAC)
  • Edit ACID information in wave files
  • Audio playback button in file open dialog
  • Integrated file browser pane in the workspace
CD Projects 
  • Integrated audio burning
  • PQ editing (indices and pause lengths)
  • Disc At Once burning (DAO) for gapless recording
  • Import audio tracks from CDs
  • FreeDB support
  • Supports buffer under run protection schemes
  • Cover Editor application for automatic CD cover and booklet printing
  • Save and load CD projects
  • Erase CD-RWs

System Requirements Pentium 4 processor or higher 
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
256 MB RAM minimum (1 GB recommended)
Windows MME or ASIO compatible sound card

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