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2nd Sense Vocal Remover - Audio Isolator for Center, Left & Right Channels (Plug-In Download)

FAB # 11-31309

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  • Isolates Signal within Stereo Spectrum
  • Extracts or Removes Specified Signal
  • Useful for Making Karaoke Tracks
  • Leaves Rest of Audio Relatively Intact
  • Less Destructive than Manual Method
  • Works in Left, Center, or Right Channel
  • Width and Frequency Controls
  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • VST 2, AU, AAX

Más detalles

$ 715

Más Información

The Vocal Remover from 2nd Sense is a plug-in which is designed to extract or remove audio from either the left, center, or right channel of a stereo mix. Available for download, you can use it to extract a vocal from a full song, or conversely, to remove the vocal from that song and still be left with a listenable product once the vocal is gone. As such, it is useful for crafting at-home Karaoke tracks, which is a noble enterprise indeed. 

Many other processes—such as flipping the polarity of one channel and summing to mono—yield results which, though effective, leave something to be desired sonically in the ultimate result. The Vocal Remover, on the other hand, produces a less problematic outcome when isolating parts of the stereo field. Though the product has been bestowed the name of Vocal Remover, you can use it to remove/extract any sound source in the offending/desirable part of the soundscape; it’s as apt for removing a guitar on the right channel as it is for a vocal located in the center.

The plug-in allows you to control the width of the field you’re processing, as well as the direction and frequency cutoffs, both low and high. You can select between removing the target audio or extracting it. Compatible with Windows and Mac platforms, the Mixing Analyzer works in VST 2, AU, and AAX formats.

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