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SPC Album Express 5 Standard for Windows (Download)

FAB # 8 032610 892715

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  • Link with External Photo Editors
  • Available in 15 Languages
  • Resize the Ready Project
  • Change Page Dimensions
  • Auto Insert Images
  • Manage Color Profiles
  • Support the Images in All RAW Formats

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$ 714

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The Album Express 5 Standard for Windows download from SPC is layout software that gives you the ability to edit your digital photo albums. Link this software with a variety of external photo editors including Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, Nikon NX2, Corel Photo Paint and more. With 800 layout templates, 570 masks, 60 frames, 190 clipart, 290 backgrounds and more you have everything you need for nearly endless layout combinations for all of your digital photo albums.

Album Express at a Glance 
• Auto Template and Auto Design mode(s)
• Proportional resize of the ready project to any size
• 800 Layout Templates
• 280 Filter Effects
• 700 Masks
• 100 Frame Styles
• 200 Frames
• 560 Styles
• 160 Objects
• 220 Backgrounds
• PSD, PDF, TIFF, JPG, Multimedia, and Web Formats
• Multi-Save
• Album Index
• Album Split
• CD/DVD Recorder
• FTP Upload Client
External Editor Compatibility 
• Photoshop 
• Lightroom 
• Corel Painter Classic
• Nik software
•Change the size and other properties of the page.
• Manage margins, preset at the project level (by default) and page.
• Manage pages with the different sizes and resolutions in one project.
• Right-click a template to add objects to the page template.
• Right-click a template to add a page template using the original size.
• Utilize a window that lets you change the default page of the project and to apply these values to all the pages of the project.
• Treat a page as two facing pages, thus "doubling" the margins and page numbers, and showing a vertical divider. It is a property of the project is saved and used as the default option "Split Pages" exports.
• Take advantage of PDF Export ability to insert a page margin.
• Ability to save the image with a resolution other than the one on the page.
• Ability to convert the image to the selected profile, in addition to including the profile.
• The "Override Default Resolution" now carries the image resampling.
Graphic Engine 
• Support for blended objects.
• Flip horizontal / vertical text objects.
• Move a page in a precise position.
• Add a page to the project in a defined position.
• Create a new page design in a defined position.
• Temporarily disable the notifications sent by the page.
• Contextual Menu of objects and background lets you change the image or a copy in the external editor, to refresh the selected object, or remove the image, the mask or the photo frame from the object selected. 
• Added items "Copy" and "Paste Style" in the Contextual Menu Items. The second is a new feature that allows you to paste to the selected object, many properties of an object previously copied. 
• Remember the position of the panels, the sliders of the library and palette of objects after the project closure. 
• Link objects to each other panel objects. Linked objects are automatically selected when a single group object is selected. However, you can deselect a group object manually. 
• Lock the position of objects from the panel objects, making it impossible to change the size and position: you can select and change all other properties. 
• Block items from the panel objects. Locked objects are not selectable and so cannot be changed. 
• The alignment commands, when applied to a single object, align the object relative to the page. 
• Set the background color of the page from the context menu of the canvas and the panel background. 
• Move the current page in a precise location, in the context menu of the page. 
• Duplicate the current page, in the context menu of the page. 
• Create a new page before or after the current page or at the end of the project, in the context menu of the page. 
• Import a photo folder automatically, replacing those in existing pages of the project, or creating new pages using a matrix or template. 
• The Properties Palette allows you to edit the properties of all selected objects simultaneously; view and change the rotation of objects; view and edit the properties for the shadow to all objects; view and change the height, width and position of all objects; view and edit all properties of objects and clip art pictures; change the field values of properties using the arrow keys up / down; reset all properties of objects and clipart images using a reset button; enable or disable mode; draw the shadow of an object manually; view and edit all the properties of text objects.
System Requirements Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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