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Auto FX Software DreamSuite Ultimate Gen 1 (Download)


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  • Suite of Visual Effects for Images, Art
  • 12 Effects Added Since DreamSuite Bundle
  • 45+ Artistic, Graphic and Photo Effects
  • Apply Different Textures with One Click
  • Presets for DreamSuite One, Two and Gel
  • Stand-Alone or Photoshop/Corel Plug-in
  • Mac and Windows Compatible

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$ 2,899

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The DreamSuite Ultimate Gen 1 software download from Auto FX Software is a suite of visual effects that allows professionals, beginners, and everyone in between to create beautiful images and artwork. Say goodbye to difficult, complex processes and take advantage of a solution enabling quick, easy and effective image alterations. Twelve artistic effects have been added to expand and improve upon the contents of the predecessor program, DreamSuite Bundle. DreamSuite Ultimate includes all the content of this earlier software in addition to its own features, meaning you get upgraded versions of DreamSuite One, DreamSuite Two, and DreamSuite Gel, as well as a broad array of filters that can add subtle to striking effects to enhance and enrich your images. Enjoy over 45 artistic, graphic and photo effects.

Several presets for each of these past products have been added to this Ultimate version. Produce impressive results with all of your digital images, and see what magical expressions you can create with simple, easy-to-use tools applied to your digital canvas. Gain greater control over your transparent rasterized vector images, and apply more impressive stylized effects that can be achieved with layer styles in less time. Apply textures such as paper, canvas, and concrete with a single click.

DreamSuite Ultimate can work as a stand-alone application and as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Mac and Windows. The redesigned interface and overall intuitive nature of the program make it relatively simple to master its image enhancement techniques.

Artistic Effects (Added Since DreamSuite Bundle) 

Modify your image to give it the appearance of a cartoon. This not only allows you to have fun with your photos and use your imagination, but also makes the process easier on you, since you don't have to worry about the many steps required to tweak an ordinary realistic image.
Transform your digital image into a charcoal rendering through a simple process. Substantially change the perception of your photos by switching to this medium, while controlling the amount of smear and adding or subtracting negative space as you see fit.
Color Pencil 
Reinvent your image to give it the look of a colored pencil drawing with soft color tones. Control color depth to add emphasis where desired.
Comic Strip 
Create a whimsical view of your images by rendering them in a comic-strip style format. Control the depth, color contrast, and color intensity of the image while altering it to resemble the old style and feel of the newspaper comic strip.
Fountain Pen 
Tranform your photo into a classic black-and-white pen and ink rendering. Bring distinction to any image while preserving the focal point within that image.
Graphite Pencil 
Turn your work into one of the most basic forms of art: the black-and-white pencil drawing.
Mechanical Pencil 
Give your image a softer black-and-white pencil sketch look with less definition and sharpness than the graphite pencil effect.
Oil - Impressionism 
Lend your image an oil painting look that bears some of the same characteristics as the work of the old painting masters.
Oil - Traditional 
Another oil painting effect, but more classical and true-to-life than the Impressionist option.
Pastel Crayon 
Use soft pastel-like colors to transform your image into a warm art form. Take a bright bold image and change it to a soft pastel crayon look, as if it were done by hand. Control the smear and blend with the touch of one slider.
Quill Pen 
Use fine lines of ink to turn your photos into drawings or sketches that appear to be hundreds of years old.
Make your picture look like a watercolor painting. You can control the density of color from very light to very heavy with just one effect slider.

Graphic Effects 

Make any rasterized logo, type, or graphic effect look like something carved out of stone or hammered from metal. Add unique accents with various reflection maps and texture styles. Chisel gives you control over the depth, surface texture, and environments. Includes 11 different bevel styles generating a wide array of finished edges.
Crystal Painter 
Affords the ability to brush on translucent depth and tinted colors over any graphic or text.
Dimension X 
Realistic 3D effects that you can apply to almost any rasterized type and graphic. With the advanced beveling profiles, you've got the tools to create stunning images with thousands of possible looks. Benefit from control over the amount of depth, angle, and surface types, as well as refection of the bevels.
Create a more vibrant, soft, and gentle image that may be used in many different areas. Add translucent depth to designs and easily generate unique text and graphic effects that vividly explode off the screen. Take control over the depth and surface environment settings by adding bright colors, giving you total control over creative expression.
Gel Mixer 
Allows you to combine multiple gel types within one rasterized text or graphic. Easily select from a wide array of brilliant colors while infusing these colors with translucent light, in order to create unique, eye-catching effects. Take control over the depth and surface environment settings for each gel effect used.
Gel Painter 
A more precise gel tool allowing you to brush on gel and control patterns and color depth.
Hot Stamp 
A very vibrant effect enabling you to add creative glows and color blends to rasterized type or graphic effects, whether the project calls for subtle or dramatic flair. Enjoy precise control over the way the blends interact and how the glows mesh with the blended edges.
Liquid Crystal 
Apply translucent depth and tinted colors to any effectively masked area. Create reflective web buttons and refraction through glassy surfaces, displaying depth which is not easy to achieve when applying Layer Styles over rasterized text or graphics.
Liquid Metal 
Apply metallic looks through the use of the brush for a bold expression. Draw with brushes that stream metal through the nozzle and are capable of creating both liquid and solid metal effects. Use the Add and Remove brushes to paint. The brushes can be confined within your masked artwork or used free-form anywhere on the image.
Metal Mixer 
Lets you customize your desired metal look and add accents with a separate color and texture. Fill your type or graphic with a mixture of metals, whether you're adding accents or image-wide effects. Benefit from control over the depth, surface and environment settings for each metal used.

Photo Effects One 

2.25 Frame 
Offers the ability to reproduce a photo-realistic 2.25 frame around your image or multiple images. Change the exposure number, film brand, and batch numbers, and create multiple frames. Scale, rotate, stretch and move the frame and image to suit your needs or preferences.
4x5 Frame 
Create an authentic-looking 4x5 frame around your image. Generate as many frames as you like with one click. Change the exposure numbers, film brand, batch numbers, and other options for each frame.
35mm Frame 
A retro effect for making digital images look like 35mm film camera shots by adding a slide around the image. You can apply the frames in layers for a more unique look or as a single slide for the traditional look.
Simulate cracking in old paintings or deeper cracks in plaster or dry desert earth. Can be used on the whole image or just a portion of it.
Gives you the ability to add bends, folds, and creases to your work for that perfect aged or worn look. Add depth and dimension to pictures while using the easy tools to produce the precise effect desired. Surface sheen, lighting, shading and shadows are all automatically applied when the image is creased.
Create a more subtle background or a more artistic focal point in images through the use of shapes. Apply blended shapes to capture a mood or a feeling while still retaining the focal point of the image. Shapes include squares, triangles, pentagons and hexagons.
Lets you create simulated tears, rips or holes in an image. Completely control the fiber length, size, color, image bleed, frequency, and other important aspects of this effect.
Dreamy Photo 
Turns your images into something out of your dreams. Give pictures a soft romantic feel, a warm tone, or a fluid, fickle, or even mysterious impression.
Film Frame Art 
Create a specialized collage using film frames created by image depth shading, photo transparency, and projected shadows. You can use the same image in each frame or add various images in the different frames.
Film Grain 
Recreate traditional film grain effects that were once only produced via contrasting darkroom techniques using high-grain film. Add subtle amounts of the grainy effect to achieve that classic, aged art look. Take full control over the desired amount and location of the grain effect.
Film Strip 
Enables you to tell a story through images or enhance the view of a single image through film strip framing. Make as many frames as you like and put various images in them, or use a single image if preferred. Change the exposure numbers and film brand, and transform each photo inside each frame to get the perfect 'shot' each time.
Instamatic Frame 
Go back in time and create that instamatic picture for your modern images. Make it a simple effect or add complexity and character by playing with color or adding a glossy shine. You can even dirty up the image if you want.
Transform and control the amount and style of the mesh, as well as the image that is portrayed on each individual piece of the mesh. Transformation tools can adjust the mesh strips and photos inside the strips. Group controls let you adjust the entire effect or selectively target just one strip.

Photo Effects Two 

Make your images look as if they were created out of tile. You can use different tile sizes for variety.
Photo Border 
Add unique borders around your images. Scale, rotate, stretch, and move pictures through the use of dynamic transformation tools. Customize borders with various colors and textures.
Photo Depth 
Increase apparent depth of field in photos. Brush on varying depth effects and add frays and bent edges to images with minimal work. Utilize the lighting controls to make additional lighting angle changes.
Photo Press 
Take selected portions of images and press them inward to give them the appearance of being moved deeper into the shot. Produce desired wrinkles and depressions for a more three-dimensional feel with simple interactive commands.
Photo Strips 
Cut images into varying numbers of strips while adding shadows that can give images more depth. Set the strips to varying heights and add shading.
Photo Tone 
Produces a mottled sepia look while affording you the opportunity to apply creative mottled glows, blur, color blends, and inner and outer halos for a romantic or profound image. You can create ghostly blends and motion halos with the intuitive controls, too.
Plastic Wrap 
Gives images the appearance of being wrapped in plastic.
Reshape images as if they were made of putty. Adjust product shots to correct flaws or generate creative concepts with exaggerated photos. Make your images demand attention with unique visual distortions.
Puzzle Pieces 
Turns your image into a puzzle full of different pieces. You can load in your own stamp mask that the program will convert to varying puzzle pieces, in order to give yourself control over the shapes.
Add realistic ripples and waves to pictures. You can change the wavelength and compression of the ripples to resize, angle, position and spread them out in a desired manner.
Apply different styles of tape over images. Use preset cut patterns with plain serrated edges or create your own freehand tear pattern on the tape. Create masking, transparent, sports and duct tape. You can control the age of the tape and add edge crumples, opacity and surface textures.
Instantly add dimension and texture to your shots by breaking the image up into varying tiles of different sizes. Choose from many different tile shapes and textures to design and create that unique piece of art.
Brush on wrinkles and crinkles to make images look as though they were made from cloth. You can apply them in a way that actually enhances the focal point of the image.


Instant Effects 
The instant preset effects available for selection give you an easy starting point for your work. You can even design your own presets and and save them for later use. Click 'Select Preset' and you are there. The new roll-over before/after preset controls display examples of how the effect will look after it's applied. Customized User Created Presets can be limited to just one effect or involve several effects stacked together.

Combine Effects 

Layer Effects Palette 
It's easy to combine effects together to create that perfect digital image. Simply check your layers on/off to see how the image appears with or without a particular effect in the stack. When you choose one particular layer effect to deactivate, the other layers will remain active, providing the enhancement and refinement desired.

Workflow and Controls 

Interface and Tools 
Interface design makes for a streamlined workflow with larger and faster before/after previews, an improved rendering engine, brush palettes, new effect layers, easier brush-on / brush-off tools, and instant effect presets with larger previews to give you a comprehensive and highly effective tool set. Easily apply an effect to the entire digital image or just to the areas you want (even a single pixel) with the precise Brush-On / Brush-Off tools.


Integration with other Software 
Works well as a plug-in filter accessible under the filters menu in Adobe Photoshop. Saving in Adobe Photoshop format as a plug-in will export the effect layers into a single transparent layer in an Adobe Photoshop native document. The software is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Draw, and Corel Paintshop Pro.
DeliveryDownloadSystem RequirementsMac:
Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.9.2
PPC or Intel processor
Memory: 2.0 GB
Disk Space: 2.0 GB RAM

Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (32 and 64-bit)
Memory: 2.0 GB
Disk Space: 2.0 GB RAM

Plug-in support:
Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC (32 and 64-bit)
Photoshop Elements 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (32-bit)
Corel Paintshop Pro X5 or X6 (32-bit)
Corel Draw X4, X5 or X6 (32-bit)
Serif Photo Plus X6 or X7

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