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Jungle Software Chimpanzee (Download)

FAB # 400021

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Aspectos Destacados del Producto

  • Film Scheduling & Budget Software
  • Create Breakdown Sheets
  • Add Scenes to Shoot Days
  • Create Characters & Assign Them to Days
  • Create Storyboards with the Shot Library
  • Store & Share Contact Information
  • Import from Final Draft & StoryO
  • Import from Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • Integrates with Gorilla Ratebook & Koala
  • Windows and Mac Compatible

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$ 2,888

Más Información

Designed for low budget projects, web content providers, and student or beginner filmmakers, this download of Chimpanzee from Jungle Software offers traditional film and budgeting features at a more cost-effective price compared to its big brother, Gorilla. Chimpanzee allows you to create breakdown sheets, characters, budgets, manage cast & crew, generate call sheets, prop lists, shots lists, storyboards, and more. You will also be able to import a screenplay and attach scenes to shoot days and cast & crew scheduling. Choose from a variety of budget templates or create your own, and then link your budget to scheduling elements such as cast, crew, and props.

Chimpanzee includes over a dozen reports, including breakdown summaries, call sheets, and a budget topsheet. It can also be integrated with Gorilla Ratebook and Koala Call Sheets for increased functionality and power. Chimpanzee is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It includes two authorizations.

Import screenplays directly from your favorite screenwriting software including Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter, or import story outline and index cards from StoryO and arrange scenes with drag and drop action. Log your props, costumes, set dressing, and other elements and attach them to scenes
Scene Sorter
Add scenes to shoot days and then rearrange them by dragging and dropping scene cards
Create Characters and assign them to scenes and shoot days. Choose a character image from the built-in library or import one of your own
Storyboard & Shot List
Create a Storyboard and use the built-in shot library with the most common camera shot types to create a shot list for each scene
Industry-standard budgeting features with Topsheet, Account, and Detail levels. Link a budget to a schedule to share cast, crew, and other element information. Print a variety of professional budget reports
Contact Management
Store contact information for cast & crew and use it throughout Chimpanzee for scheduling and budgeting. Send text messages with call times or other notes directly to the cast & crew

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